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The Bay View Historical Society was again awarded the prestigious Reuben Gold Thwaites Trophy by the Wisconsin Council of Local History for continued excellence of its historic Educational and Programming Achievements. The trophy is the Wisconsin Historical Society’s highest recognition of distinction to a “historical society for continued excellence for its overall service to the community over a period of at least five years”. Nominated by Ron Winkler, Bay View Historical Society is the only society to be awarded the trophy for the second time in 1986 and 2011.

In addition, the society has received awards from the City of Milwaukee, the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors, the Wisconsin Senate and Historic Milwaukee Inc. for our commitment and dedication to preserving and sharing the history of the Bay View Community.

Some of our accomplishments include the restoration of the area surrounding the Iron Well on East Pryor Ave., the erection of a State Historical Marker designating the site of the Bay View Rolling Steel Mill and the designation of the following historical landmarks:


BAY VIEW HISTORICAL SOCIETY celebrated our 35th Anniversary! Aug. 28th was a Historic Pub Crawl. 

All  13 stops were fun and full of surprizes!  Bay View Historic Pub Crawl- GUIDE   Pubs that participated were Avalon Theater, Barnacle Bud’s, Burnheart’s, Cactus Club, Demarini’s on Conway, Goodkind, Gropppi’s Market, Humboldt Beer Garden, Little DeMarini’s, Palomino, Puddler’s Hall, Victoria’s on  Potter, and White House

  Aug. 29th was an all day CELEBRATION ENJOYING COMMUNITY! @ Beulah Brinton House

The day included walking tour of local Landmarks by Ron Winkler and Greg Wernisch followed by lawn party at Beulah Brinton House with make your own hats by Anne Maedke and Jennifer Espenscheid! Special demonstrations by MORE Robotics, along with an Ice Cream Social and music by David Drake and Dangerous Folk filled the fun afternoon. Outstanding Photo Booth by Kevin Petajan and food by St. Francis Brewery was a highlight. Very special vintage hat collections by Anja Notanja Sieger, Ruth Simos, Sandy Schuetz, celebration honored past presidents,
  and lively musical performance by Robin Pluer completed the memorable day!


Bay View Visioning Conference – Tuesday, Nov. 10th from 6-9 pm @ Parkside School

Our Bay View: Values, Voices & Vision!
Community organizations are co-hosting a conference on the future of development in Bay View
KK Business Improvement District, Bay View Neighborhood Association, and Bay View Historical Society have come together to present the first ever Bay View Visioning Conference. The goal of this conference is to provide deeper insight into the development process, as well as to answer neighborhood concerns about the past, present and potential impact of property development in Bay View.

Program Outline
Panel 1: Development – How does it work, who does it impact and why do we need it?
6:00pm – 6:50pm
Facilitated Questions:
– What roles do the property owner, developer, city and architect play in getting a development off the ground?
– What is the standard process for determining and addressing what the pros and cons may be for a community affected by an incoming development?
– The point of developing a neighborhood is to increase a neighborhood’s value both intrinsically and monetarily. What kinds of guidelines are in place to help developments accomplish this while still maintaining an air of authenticity and contextual relevance?
– Is there such a thing as over development?

Panel 2: City Planning and the South East Milwaukee Plan
7:05pm – 7:55pm
Facilitated Questions:
– What is the South East Plan and how was it put together?
– Does the South East Plan affect zoning regulations and building use in Bay View?
– What kinds of exceptions does the city allow and what are the consequences of changes in zoning?

Facilitated Questions:
– What is the South East Plan and how was it put together?
– Does the South East Plan affect zoning regulations and building use in Bay View?
– What kinds of exceptions does the city allow and what are the consequences of changes in zoning?

Panel 3: Historicity – The Elastic Development of Bay View’s Identity
8:10pm – 9:00pm
Facilitated Questions:
– Bay View is an eclectic neighborhood with proud, generational roots. How did Bay View’s strong sense of identity manifest over the years?
– What shifts in culture and socioeconomics have occurred in Bay View over the years, and how has that affected and been affected by development in the area?
– How does the history of development in Bay View parallel development that has happened in similar neighborhoods?
– What consequences have other neighborhoods faced due to development, underdevelopment and overdevelopment?

All are welcome to attend this free event!


Program by Paul Geenan: The Civil Rights Movement is usually synonymous with the American South, but Milwaukee had its own racial struggles in the middle years of the 20th century. Milwaukee historian and community activist Paul Geenen dramatically captures this discriminatory strife in Civil Rights Activism in Milwaukee: South Side Struggles in the ’60s and ’70s.

This historical chronicle provides a sweeping view of Milwaukee’s South Side, a hotbed of racial segregation and a flashpoint for prejudice in the ’60s, and tells the story of numerous parties coming together to fight the injustices of unfair housing and labor laws in the city. Cooperative activism from the likes of Father James Groppi, representatives from the NAACP Youth Council, students at Alverno College and a group of Latino families joined forces to bring about radical positive change for open housing and better working conditions.

DOORS OPEN at Beulah Brinton House was a wonderful success!
Over 2500 people participated in historic tours of the house by Bay View Historical Society members.
Brandon Minga of Vintage Future curated historically inspired art throughout the Beulah Brinton House – creative and inspiring!
St. Francis Brewery provided food and beverages and sponsored our musicians -In Good Company, David HB Drake, the Riverwest Aces!   Thank you!

POETRY EVENT was on Sunday, March 30th @ 4 pm. – Beulah Brinton House

 “Newfangled Tradition” Presented by Anja Notanja Seiger, Freesia McKee, KJ Prodigy,

Keith Gaustad, and Molly Snyder!

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